Climate Science & Political Cartoons: Vote for Reality

Credit: Union of Concerned Scientists

As parents, we need to continue looking for and sharing facts and reality with our children. Unfortunately facts and reality on climate science seem to be lacking in the “headlines” as denier voices seem to be grabbing all the attention. Don’t compromise on scientific integrity; our future, and our children’s futures are at stake. So, grab the kids in your life, have some fun with this one and vote for your family’s favorite cartoon. Help us spread the word about the Union of Concerned Scientists Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest. At ClimateMama, our favorite is # 10, What’s yours?

Political interference in science by special interest groups is huge these days. Voices of reason, integrity and most importantly, scientific fact, are being bought out and shouted out by big corporations and politicians. In a recent article, the Union of Concerned Scientists shares how special interests: “manipulate, distort and suppress the science used to make policy and undermine the public understanding of scientific issues – often leading to disastrous consequences for our health, safety and environment.”

The New York Times points out how all the leading Republican Candidates are “bashing the Environmental Protection Agency” and taking a stand against climate change reality. But, as stated in the Times article: “Not only are these positions irresponsible, they’re politically problematic,” said David Jenkins of Republicans for Environmental Protection, a group that believes that conservation should be a core value of the party. “The whole idea that you have to bash the E.P.A. and run away from climate change to win a Republican primary has never been borne out. Where’s the evidence?”

Back to the cartoons, our kids, and our future. These candidates will be on the wrong side of history; our kids and our families will not.

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