Climate Change and Fox News Sowing Seeds of “Doubt” – Demand REALITY in News Reporting

The Facts: Humans are causing Global Warming. This is REALITY and proven FACT. We need to teach and prepare our kids, which is what Nickelodeon and the Department of Education were doing recently at a “Reading Event.” Yet why does Fox News continue to present global warming as an “unproven” science..consistently sticking to the script that there are “two sides” in a debate. There are NOT 2 sides, 98% of all scientists working on climate change state that humans are causing global warming..It’s time to stand up and demand REALITY, even Sponge Bob is demanding the truth! Every major National Academy of Science in the world is telling us that Global Warming is human caused, and we need to take action NOW to advert the worst consequences of a changing climate.

What’s up with Fox News? Stand up for Sponge Bob and share this story with the kids in your life – brought to light for us by Help your kids understand how the media can “manipulate” the facts to sow seeds of doubt, putting our and our children’s future in jeopardy.

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