NJ Going Backwards on Clean Energy – In the News

In a state that is second only to California in its progressive and positive business and policy stance on the environment, Gov. Christie, who campaigned as a “clean energy advocate” is pulling NJ from a more than 20 year commitment to clean energy. Following on his decision on May 26th to pull NJ from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a successful program that supports renewable energy development in the state, Gov. Christie’s proposed Energy Master Plan is sending a strong message that he is “closing” NJ to new and renewable energy business and looking to score short term political points, not long term solutions for our or our children’s future!

Choosing nuclear, as a “renewable choice” is a false option, and a non starter, given the years it takes to build a plant and the lack of support for nuclear by NJ residents and in fact by most of the country, given the recent events in Japan. Natural gas also being put forward by Gov. Christie as a “clean option” by oil and gas companies, not only is a fossil fuel, creating and adding to our greenhouse gas emissions, but the current “method of choice” of extracting it, “fracking” is poisoning our neighbors in PA, and threatening our watersheds as well. Instead of supporting the building of infrastructure to transmit renewable energy like wind, the potential of which for NJ is incredible, or supporting the ongoing solar efforts in the state, which attract employers and technology, Gov Christie wants to support El Paso Corporation, a Texas based company that wants to build natural gas pipelines across critical water shed areas in our state.Gov. Christie, as the citizens of NJ, we want a clean and renewable future for our children, what about you?

Do you live in NJ or in a state or province where the Governor or other elected officials are supporting fossil fuel companies at the expense of new and cleaner renewable energy sources? Tell us about it!

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