Climate Change, Shotguns and Lettuce – In the News

Climate change, shotguns and lettuce, Oh my! My Green Mom’s Carnival friend, Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse asked her fellow “Green Moms” to weigh in on their “hopes and/or growing despairs” for the future of our environment. Check out the thoughtful discussion at Big Green Purse.

An article by Mike Tidwell published in the

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Outlook and Opinions section of the Washington Post was the initial inspiration. Have a read of “A climate change activist prepares for the worst.” The gist of the article is that we are on a one way, downhill path with climate change and Mr. Tidwell’s response is to “circle the wagons” and protect his garden, family and renewable energy and water supplies at all costs; he even decided to learn how to use a gun. Certainly made me think as I have felt somewhat similar despair at times. Below is my response..what is yours?

Diane, “I have to say, that in my “darkest moments” as we watch our new Congress, seemingly delight in delivering body blows and exhibiting bad behavior as they attempt to set us back years on environmental policy…waves of disappointment wash over me…I occasionally feel like your neighbor Diane. I want to move somewhere off the grid, with access to my own well (away from hydrofracking and other unregulated pollution that I can’t stop from invading the natural resources around me) and grow my own food and eat by the light generated from my own solar panels.”

“I watched the Terminator movies recently again with my 13 year old son,

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and feel we all may be the “Green Sara Connors” of our time…But then my hope is renewed. I am exposed to someone inspiring and optimistic, as I was recently on a visit to a public middle school in Brooklyn. I met so many incredible teachers, a dynamic principal and 1200 kids from all walks of life that feel empowered to “change the world.” I am also heartened by the overwhelming and positive outpouring of support by my neighbors to our town’s Environmental Commission’s “call” for volunteers for a “Green Team” which will work towards a state certification program on sustainability. Maybe we just need to set a positive path, and people will walk down it..”

“So thanks for sharing…I can see both sides…but I try to stay on the side of hope and confidence..and to believe that the power of change and dynamism that has lead this country forward in the past will prevail. I try not to loose hope, for the sake of my children, and to ignore the “noisy” deniers and obstructionists…guess this has been on my mind!! (as a pacifist transplanted Canadian, the gun thing anyway, is beyond me….)”

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