Plastic Free & Loving it? – Video Peek of the Week

As we get ready for our “Plastic Free Week” with beginning Monday, February 7th, we thought we would share this fun music video so you can share it with the kids in your life! They may like it so much, they might even want to share it with their friends! Join in the fun with this provocative, “catchy” video that makes us think about single use plastics, it’s impact and it’s pervasiveness in our lives.

If we’ve peeked your interest, you might want to check out the “trials and tribulations” of some of the other bloggers who have taken the challenge and are joining us on the journey of going PLASTIC FREE with Rodale. Congrats and good luck to the following:

Maya Rodale; Eric Hurlock, Organic Gardening/Real World Gardner; Mike Lieberman, UrbanOrganicGardener; Anna Hackman, Green-talk; Jennifer Lorenzetti, Fast Cheap and Good; Danielle Gould, Food+Tech Connect; Liz Banse, Grrl Gone Green; Paul Clarke, School of Sustainability; Growing A Greener World w/Joe Lamp’l; Jen Savedge, The Green Parent; Corey Condello; Briton, EnslavedByFaeries; News From Nowhere; Megan McWilliams, The Green Diva;; GreenDump; MPA Daily News Round-Up; Jen Walter, Jenni’s Jingles; Green Families UK; Liz Ask Liz First; Prevention Magazine Spark.

To help us navigate a plastic-free world, we’ll get some expert help from Beth Terry, blogger of MyPlasticFreeLife (formerly Fake Plastic Fish). What’s it like to live a life without plastic? Is it even possible? Check in with Beth!

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