Climate Change Negotiations, Channeling ONE TRILLION $, Inspirational Kids, and “Impossible Feats & Personal Accomplishments” – It’s a wRAP


This past weekend, we saw the “end” to the latest round of international negotiations on climate change. Not only do we get perplexed and “stuck in a rut” sometimes, so do world leaders and countries as they try to navigate rules and regulations for slowing down and adapting to climate change. In The News this week we look at what these talks accomplished, and why it’s “so hard” to find a way to stop runaway climate change in it’s tracks.

Our Video Peek of the Week is from our friends at and also takes a look at the international debate on climate change. This video inspires us to keep “up the fight” as we can feel the enthusiasm and energy of these young people emanating through the screen. They encourage us, and remind us that human beings can learn from the mistakes and ignorance of others. Watch this video with the kids in your life, and see as they get inspired to “change the world!”

This week we feature a “guest post” in Climate Mama News from our friends at Join us as shows us how to put ONE TRILLION $ into perspective and how this money can be “channeled” to help in the fight against climate change. Let show you how to send these companies a “thumbs” up and let them know YOU support what they are doing.

As this year “winds down” we are inundated with lists of “the best of everything.” So, in the spirit of truly honoring a remarkable person who is “on one of these lists” we would love your help in voting for her and seeing that she reaches it’s pinnacle. One of our eco-heroes, a person who inspires all of us at Climate Mama through her perseverance and belief in the power of the individual is Roz Savage uber-rower extraordinaire. Roz is one of 10 individuals nominated by National Geographic for “Adventurer of the Year.” Vote for Roz today and everyday. Read more about Roz at National Geographic and on our Campaign Page where you can become one of Roz’s eco-heroes!

And finally, if you missed reading our “wRAP up” on all the inspirational and incredible Climate Mamas and Papas who helped motivate, encourage and move us to action this past year, please check them out NOW!

Happy Holidays from Climate Mama

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