One Solar Panel at a Time: Changing Lives

Who will be the next Malala? Empowered and emboldened  – using her voice and actions to right wrongs and lead the world forward in a just way;  at the same time, inspiring others to lead as well.  Who won’t have this opportunity because she wasn’t able to go to school because she didn’t have access to light on long winter nights,  or to warmth on cold winter days, or to cooling on blazing hot summer days? Energy access, something we in the global north take for granted, is still not a given in many countries around the world. I am honored that, through Solar for Her, ClimateMama has had the opportunity to help provide this access to a girls school in Askole, a small town at the top of the world. Special thanks to Asif Iqbal, a dear Climate Reality colleague, for introducing me to Solar for Her. Read on to find out more and also how YOU can help too!

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Empowering Girls Fight Climate Change at K2 Base Camp! 

(Shared with permission. First published on SolarForHer 3/9/2022)

Askole is the last human settlement before the track up to the four, out of fourteen, highest peaks on Earth, including the world’ second highest peak K2 in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Imagine, how extreme the weather would be during winter for little girls to study.

Solar For Her has just shifted a Grade 8 girls school in this community on solar energy! Thanks to the generous support of Climate Reality Leader Harriet Shugarman and her organization Climate Mama enabling Solar For Her empower 154 girls continue education with pride and dignity here in a community, living on top of the world.

The 1kW off grid solar PV system will run lights in this 8-room school building, a computer and a small LED screen to help girls enjoy studies and make a difference in life! In extreme cold weather, girls will study in well covered classrooms under bright light!

Solar For Her is a national campaign dedicated to shifts girls schools in Pakistan on solar energy and empower girls fight climate change. In first phase, the campaign aims to reach 30 girls schools across Pakistan. The good news is, it has already shifted 15 schools on solar. In future, the campaign would aim to establish at least one solar powered schools for girls in each district of Pakistan.

Be part of this amazing cause. Spread the word and help us raise funds to achieve our milestones.

To donate, visit the Solar for Her website

You can also donate via GoFundMe

All Photos used with permission: SolarForHer

For more on Solar For Her, it’s history and it’s work, enjoy this short video!


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