Climate Change Book Launch: Mothers Day 2020

In  late fall 2019, I met with an author of a book on the climate crisis to get his advice on marketing, outreach and the like. He was kind and helpful.  One of my strongest memories and takeaways from that day – shared in jest at the time –  was his advice  NOT to launch the book during a worldwide upheaval. (His book was released the week after the 2016 US elections).

Well, here we are; a global pandemic of unimaginable proportions has unfolded around us, and my book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change, Turning Angst into Action, is coming out pretty much on schedule the week of May 10th. I hope with all my being that a month from now our country and the world will be celebrating a slow but steady reemergence from our global lockdown – one that is thoughtful, safe, coordinated and puts sustainability and climate recovery at the center. I hope that good news stories will be the stories of the day, instead of the downbeat and sadness that most stories still  carry. But I also know that so many of us will continue to be directly impacted by,  and experience collateral damage from, this crisis for a long time to come. With COVID 19 & with our climate crisis, letting go of what we can’t control and digging in on what we can seems to be the order of the day.

I hope that MY GOOD news today, brings you a small measure of joy; please know that your support, your help and your belief in me over the years, has in large part created this moment and made my  book launch a reality. This book is for you; it shares many of the actions we have taken – sometimes together and sometimes individually, but always supporting one another as we move forward on climate action, climate policy and climate education one step or one giant leap at a time. The book has been released from the printer and is shipping to warehouses in the United States and Canada for distribution immediately. It is also available as an e-book and it will be released soon as an audiobook. I have received my early copies so I know this is happening! I am proud to have New Society as my publisher – an activist, solutions-oriented publisher focused on publishing books for a world of change.

I will not pretend to imagine what you are feeling and experiencing. Each of us is experiencing this collective tragedy in unique and different ways. Some of us are directly impacted – through deep sadness and sickness.  Some of us are overwhelmed and feel completely stuck. Others of us are muddling through as best we can, with circumstances that may be less severe than our neighbors. I know each of you will have your own bandwidth for things outside of your immediate family and the pressures of your daily life. If you have any extra space, or the wherewithal to share the release of my book, thank you –  it would be so welcomed. Please let me know how I can help you. If you don’t, thank you anyway, and know that when it comes to this book, you –  our Climate Mamas and Papas – are my inspiration. Your steadfast support has been my bedrock for the creation and birth of this book.

All my profits from this book will go to climate education and advocacy programs for parents, youth and teachers. We will be launching this program over the summer on ClimateMama. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have some early ideas. New Society also has an affiliate program supporting organizations that are actively working for the betterment of our environment and society – if an organization you are part of wants to sell the book, let us know.

There is a climate action organizing and book club guide as well as a resource section at the end of the book. We can send you the climate action organizing and book club guide directly to get discussions going even without the book. Know that I would also be happy to talk with your book club, your group, organization or company via a dedicated “live” online discussion,  a chat box or through a recorded or written interview or Q&A. Your help in posting a review on Amazon, New Society Publishers or other sites where the book is sold would be appreciated too. The book has already received some very positive early reviews from Library Journal and Forward Reviews, trusted resources for libraries, feel free to share these reviews too. Maybe YOUR local library will purchase the book so it can be shared in your community! And finally, a reminder that many independent book stores are  experiencing great difficulties at this time. Please find yours and support them by ordering my book directly from them.

Thank you for your support, your encouragement and your trust in me over the years. Check in regularly at our new Author Page on the ClimateMama website, for author visits and talks (invite me to talk to your group!) I will be “in” Miami on May 8th and Boston on May 13th.

From one Climate Mama to another, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day 2020 – will be one we will not easily forget.



With love,


Mothers Day Card Photo:  by Karolina Bobek ✌ on Unsplash

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