Game Day, Women, Kids Lunches, Water Conservation, Don’t Kill the GoldFish and Climate Change – It’s a wRAP, September 18, 2010

Kids off to college, want to keep in touch but don’t want to “bug” them, share the Game Day Challenge, with them, a great excuse to connect! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is challenging all colleges and universities that have a football team, to cut down on waste at the game and around campus. Share the Challenge with the kids in your life. Campuses have until September 30th to register, and winners will be “crowned” in November.

Scientific American recently reported on a Michigan State University study which found that significantly more American woman than men believe that climate change is happening now, that humans are causing climate change and that Climate Change will affect our way of life. Without pointing out the obvious, could it be for similar reasons that women don’t support going to war and that survival of the “species” and protecting the “home” still seem to be a “woman thing,” even in an our enlightened, egalitarian 21st century? With the rest of the developed world moving forward on climate change regulations and investing in clean energy, we are long over due in the US for more women in political office and in the board room. What do our Climate Papa’s have to say about this? What’s your take?

In the News this week our friends from Climate Counts help us better understand not only how much food we waste but how much energy goes into producing many of the foods we put in our children’s lunch boxes. Who are the champions and the slackers? Nine of the biggest companies that make much of the food we put in our children’s lunches, took in over $250 BILLION last year! Let Climate Counts help you support the ones who are trying to do something about Climate Change, and tell the ones who aren’t, that you think they should!

And finally, from our friends at Treehugger, a visual “push” for those of us (and the kids in our life) who leave the tap running too long. Save the Goldfish, or else!!!

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