Climate Mama Weekly wRAP – November 20, 2009

In our Blog this week, a report on disappointing but not unexpected news just released on the Copenhagen Climate Conference negotiations, see In the News for more details. Climate Mama News looks at those “funny triangles” on all the plastic containers you are so diligently recycling and gives you the scoop on what they actually mean. And finally, weird and “wonderful” (or not) things to share with your kids about climate change and why they may be “itching and sneezing” more often. Check out our updates on our Climate Mama Seal of Approval page, we have added our “top picks” for on-line invitations. With the winter holidays upon us, here are three ways to help all of us celebrate the holidays in style while at the same time giving a “shout out” to our planet.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. Lets be thankful for all the “buzz” lately on climate change. Remember, there is “no such thing as bad” publicity. Lets be thankful that the world seems to be waking up on Climate Change.

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