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There’s been a lot of news and growing excitement lately about the September 21st Peoples Climate March in New York City; as there well should be! This will be a “moment in history” and an important opportunity to show our … Continue reading

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Grab the kids in your life, take a few minutes today, and listen to some “Climate Voices.” We know, feel and see that climate change is effecting our lives today, shutting our eyes won’t make reality go away. Be inspired, … Continue reading

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Tweet Share As we recounted in an earlier post, September 2012 is “ground zero” for activists on climate change around the United States; from fracking events in PA, NJ, NYC and Albany, to stand-offs over the keystone pipeline in Texas … Continue reading

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Tweet Share Here in the United States Memorial Day has it’s roots as a time dedicated to remembering those who have fought to protect our nation, giving the ultimate sacrifice to this end. More recently, Memorial Day also has been … Continue reading

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It’s been a tough news week, with all the sad stories coming from Haiti. So, we thought we would offer you a “lighter” look at climate change events this week from around the world, and hopefully bring a smile to … Continue reading

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Don’t you wish that you had the power to change the world? We know you do it everyday when you spend time with your kids, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews or your students. But beyond our own immediate circles, … Continue reading

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