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Photo credit: Shutterstock

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Back to school is around the corner for many of us and for some of our Climate Mama and Papa families, back to school has already begun. We want to share a few of our musings, products suggestions, and thoughts on staying calm and sane as that first day of school fast approaches.

First, on the product end of things, at ClimateMama we often talk about how important it is to reuse, repurpose and “re-find” some of those back to school items you tossed in your drawer and forgot about ie. items you bought and then didn’t have time to use but may be able to use again. Make sure to take an “inventory” of what you already have on hand before you head online or out to the store for school supplies.

Second, it is really, really important, with school supplies and in fact with any products you buy, to support those companies that are taking a stand for sustainability, that are concerned about a product’s lifecycle and that try to incorporate recycled, content, organic products, and innovative packaging (less is more) into their designs. Let your kids be an example of their, yours, and your family’s efforts at living sustainably and promoting a healthier planet, one recycled pencil, binder, reusable water bottle, and lunch container at a time! Two products that will be going to school with our families this year are Packit Freezable lunch containers and Justin nut butter snacks; both suggestions of one of our favorite partners, Stonyfield. Both Justins and Packet were started by individuals looking to make a difference by creating quality products and doing so in sustainable way.

Finally, as we get close to the November and electing a new and different President, for the first time in 8 years, politics in the USA already seems at its worst rather then at its best. As parents we want to put our best foot forward for our children and set a great example, not a cynical one. Remind your children that voting is our right and our obligation. Do your research well. On climate change and many other issues there are clear and definitive choices.


Climate Mama

P.S. One more critical and important item to add to your children’s backpack, an ICE (in case of emergency) card. We will be sharing more about the. #GetReadyGetSafe program of Save the Children and National Preparedness Month, so stay tuned!

P.S. The opinions and thoughts contained in this post are 100% ours at ClimateMama. We did received samples from Justin’s and Packit so that we could review and share our thoughts with you.

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