Renewable Energy in YOUR Home Today: Arcadia Power

windfarmIn most states around the country WE have the option to choose OUR energy provider. Yet, most people don’t realize this nor do they realize how easy it is to change providers to support renewable energy options. We are excited to share with you a wonderful post by Diane McEachern of the Big Green Purse, that shows you how easy it is to get renewable energy at YOUR home – today; in the time it takes to read this post!

How You Can Get Free Clean Energy Without Building Your Own Windmill
By Diane McEachern, Founder Big Green Purse

You don’t have to put up your own windmill or plop solar panels on your roof to live the clean energy life you want. You can get free clean energy in just 3 minutes today by signing up with Arcadia Power.

Why Arcadia? Because they’ve come up with a unique way to connect you to renewable energy that doesn’t cost you a dime.

Watch this quick video.

Here’s How It Will Work for You
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Go to Arcadia’s website and plug in your zip code.

⇒ Then, create a FREE, secure account by providing the name of your local utility, your account number, and how you prefer to pay for your electricity: by credit card or debit from your checking account.

♥♥♥ Voilá! You have an account.

Beginning with your next billing cycle, your bill will be paid to the utility via Arcadia.

It will not cost you any more money to have Arcadia pay your bill than if you were paying it directly.

Meanwhile, Arcadia will begin monitoring how much electricity you use each month. Here’s why that’s a good thing:

For each kilowatt-hour (kWh) you use, Arcadia buys something called a Renewable Energy Certificate, or REC.

The REC does two things:

It claims on your behalf a kWh of clean power that’s been generated by a wind turbine.

It infuses that wind facility with more investment income so it can create more wind power, which enables your utility to use less coal and oil.

Isn’t that brilliant?

In all likelihood, the electricity you’re using now has been generated by a utility that relies on coal or oil, the fossil fuels that are responsible for climate change and dirty air.

When you pay your bill through Arcadia, you are basically helping to build more windmills and make more wind power available to your utility grid, but at no cost to you.

Ultimately, the goal is that NONE of your power will be generated by fossil fuels and ALL of it will come from clean energy.

Germany is already aiming for that target:

You can help the U.S. become a renewable energy power, too, just by letting Arcadia buy RECs based on how much power you use.

(You don’t have to cut back on your electricity use to work with Arcadia, though of course, that’s a good idea. Here’s how you can do that.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.19.13 PMAll You Have to Do Is Sign Up for a Free Green Energy Account. Arcadia Will Do the Rest.

Could anything be simpler?

Get your friends to sign up, too, and save even more.

You’ll earn up to $25 off your actual bill for each person you refer to Arcadia power. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

I usually don’t make such a hard pitch here on But I completely and totally believe that we all need to shift to clean energy if we’re going to stop climate change and reduce the air pollution that is making so many of us sick. I want to live in a healthier greener world, and shifting to clean energy is the way to do it.
This post was first published on Big Green Purse, and has been reprinted with permission.

ClimateMama has partnered with Arcadia Power to bring information about Arcadia Power to our community. As with all sponsored posts, we only promote products and services we would use ourselves, and which we completely believe and trust will move us directly towards climate solutions and climate hope.

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  1. Thanks for continuing to get the word out about clean energy and this brilliant option by Arcadia Power! I hope people take advantage of it. If you can’t put solar panels on your roof or buy wind power through your utility, this is a great way to support expansion of our options for wind power.

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