Hottest Year on Record & What We Can Do About It

Used with Permission

Used with Permission

It’s Do Something Wednesday at ClimateMama, and we can think of no better way to spend it then with our friends at Communitopia and our favorite Climate Mama superstar, Joylette Portlock.

Don’t Just Sit There – Do Something! Episode 27: Staying Warm This Winter, sets the stage for many important family climate change discussions, by giving us a run down of events and climate change facts that occurred this past year – the good, the bad and the ugly. 2015 was the hottest year ever in the recorded data, and 15 of the hottest 16 years occurred in the 21st Century. On the flip side, the world came together in Paris in December 2015 and 195 countries agreed that climate change is THE critical issue facing humankind. One of the many solutions will be making better energy choices, including leaving fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – in the ground. Joylette reminds us that the Paris Agreement doesn’t mean climate change is “solved” rather, that the hard work now begins in each country – with policy decisions at every level of government and also by decisions each of us take and make in our own homes.

As always, the well-researched information from Joylette comes with easy actions for us to take, and with her own particular trademark sense of humor.The Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something video series makes climate news and science digestible and entertaining and something we can and must share with our kids.

So, grab the kids in your life and take 5 minutes to watch this latest video from Communitopia and Climate Mama super star, Joylette Portlock.

Join us and share this video with the friends in your life. Spoiler alert, Joylette shows us that it’s easy to get “vampires” out of our lives, and that NASA’s most studied planet “—–” needs help from all of us. Watch the video and learn more!


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