Rebuilding Nepal: Solar Lights

Photo courtesy: Phurpa Lama

Nepal earthquake victims receive solar lighting

We all watched in horror as Nepal was shaken, and then shaken again. The devastation to this peaceful and serene country from the April 2015 earthquake and it’s aftershocks, was horrible to watch and even harder to fathom. Yet out of the ashes, literally, comes light. Join us, as we work together to bring light to Nepal through the Light Up a life for a Better Nepal campaign.

Phurpa Lama, a Nepalese Climate Reality Project friend and colleague is working hard to make a difference and bring light to villages through Nepal. Below is a short excerpt from Phurpa’s Indiegogo’s fundraising campaign. Please go to the main fundraising site to learn more and to donate. A little con go such a long way to bringing health, healing and a future to so many.

Phurpa Lama with local woman, sharing solar light and hope!

Phurpa Lama with local woman, sharing solar light and hope!

Part of the story, by Phurpa Lama..

While other groups are addressing needs such as food, shelter, water, medicine, Solar Nepal will make our modest contribution by lighting up small villages, home to home, village to village.

Nobody wants to be left in the dark. You may remember how scary a black out was when you were a young person. Psychologically, these people have lost a sense of security, as they’re now trying to get back on their feet in the dark, some even with missing family members.

Furthermore, it is very difficult for aid groups to work without light already at the site. Aid workers would benefit if these solar light devices – which also charge mobile phones, were in place as they carry out their work.

In the midst of this disorder, a mother’s first instinct is to reach out to her loved ones, to check if they are okay, and let them know you are okay. When you reach for your mobile phone, and it’s dead and there is no place to charge it, the ability to reach out to loved ones may prove difficult or in fact impossible – these solar devices will change this.

And in the long term, illuminating homes, schools, monasteries, etc. via solar power would make a significant positive impact. This is my dream. Our effort serves as also as an introduction to this lofty, yet certainly achievable goal.

It’s “Do Something Wednesday” here at ClimateMama, so join us and DO Something today...


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