Food Matters: Marching for the Right to Know

strawberriesThis weekend, across the globe, Climate Mamas and Papas are marching for healthy living, healthy foods and a clear and transparent approach to what we feed our families. The March Against Monsanto targets one of the worlds largest chemical and seed giants. Monsanto has become a rallying point for families who are demanding their right to know what is on and in the food they are serving their children, and how both the chemicals and techniques used that alter our foods may also be impacting the world around us.

Climate change impacts our growing seasons and has a ripple effect the world over on the food options we have and our access to abundant and healthy choices. Knowing if our food crops have been treated with pesticides, if the water used to nurture these crops is clean and chemical free, and if the seeds used to grow our food have been altered, also takes on a relevant and critical perspective as we live climate change.

MAM-ALL-May23-Flyer_v3.1_for_webOn May 23rd, 2015 Climate Mamas and Papas are marching, parading, singing, speaking out and being heard, as we demand healthy foods choices and a clear and transparent approach to what we feed our families.

In New Jersey, ClimateMama is pleased to be one of the endorsers of the Food Matters March and Parade in Sparta. Climate Mama extraordinaire Wendie, one of the Parade coordinators, told us recently that: “This march takes the offensive approach and pushes the positive.” She shared how march organizers have been discussing their desire to: “move the ball offensively down the field focusing on what we DO want to see in our society.” As such, there will be many “forward minded banners” for this March Against Monsanto, solidarity parade as families, friends and neighbors march with signs supporting real food, pesticide free crops and healthy living choices. Following the Parade, attendees will then move to the adjacent Dykstra Park were they will STAND against Monsanto waving their banners high and hearing from key NJ Environmental leaders.

We at Climate Mama stand strong and in solidarity this weekend with all Climate Mamas and Papas around the world as parents raise attention to how our food and food choices are being impacted by some of the largest companies in the world, often without our say, behind our backs and without our knowledge.

Food Matters March: "Gentle Harvest" Photo, Copyright- Ellen Hoverkamp

Food Matters March: “Gentle Harvest” Photo, Copyright- Ellen Hoverkamp


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3 Responses to Food Matters: Marching for the Right to Know

  1. Mack says:

    Gidday the Mamas and Papas,
    One sweet Mama over in Oz welcomes my comments on her site…

  2. Sophie-SCHF says:

    Thanks for sharing! It’s important that companies start telling us what pesticides they’re using.

    • Harriet says:

      Thanks Sophie, should be our right to know what is in and on the foods we eat…This seems obvious but is not reality.

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