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photo-originalWhat do we do today to prepare our children for tomorrow on our climate-changed, resource-constrained, and very crowded planet?

Many of our Climate Mamas and Papas regularly share with us that in their “heart of hearts” they often have a difficult time “sharing the whole truth” about our climate crisis with the children in their lives. How do we actually prepare our children today, for the tomorrow that we know is coming? What can we do now that will not only help them build resiliency, but also help our children create a better tomorrow? A good friend of ours and Climate Reality pal, Jessica, is teaming up some wonderful friends, Beth and Jon, who together are helping us address this tricky, emotional and psychological dilemma – how do we prepare our children now, for what we know tomorrow will bring…

How we talk to our kids about climate change certainly varies with their age. At ClimateMama we regularly bring you ideas and thoughts about how and what to talk to your children about in order to create climate hope.

And then the Climate Changed, attempts to answer a deceptively simple question, one that nonetheless has only just begun to be addressed by national leaders.

This is an incredibly important question to ask, as the world gears up for the Paris Climate Negotiations in late 2015 and we all search for answers, ideas and solutions that can and must build up our climate hope.

Grab the kids in your life, and watch the movie trailer. Donate to the Kickstarter campaign for “And Then the Planet Changed.”
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There are many levels of entry to support this amount is too small, nor too large! We would love to see this project succeed. At ClimateMama we think this film addresses a critical topic, head on. With the help of people like Jessica, Beth and Jon, we will be able to delve deeply and learn more about how to share our collective ideas that address our very real and pressing concerns.

“Our kids are growing up right now. Climate change is happening right now. Population is exploding, and the world continues to use up its natural resources. We are making the future right now, yet we don’t fully understand what to do to prepare our kids psychologically for it.” Excerpt from the movie, And Then the Climate Changed

According to Jessica: “Our film is the story of two women who fear the real and emotional impact of these rapid changes on our children. As an environmental leader, I see the slow pace of behavioral change despite my knowledge of the technological and social solutions available to sustain our human community. My friend Beth is a psychiatrist who understands the toll that social unrest, extreme weather, dislocation, and deprivation take on a human psyche. Together we have six children ranging in age from 2 to 22.”

My family at the 2014 NYC Peoples Climate March

My family at the 2014 NYC Peoples Climate March

On a personal note, my eldest child is now a junior in high school and my youngest isn’t far behind him. He has one more year of study and then hopes to go to University. My husband and I are helping advise him on colleges to look at and degree programs to pursue. I talk to my son and daughter regularly about how and what they will do after high school; how their chosen paths must not only help themselves, but also how the path they choose can and will help them make a positive contribution to our world and the people in it. I know my children are listening. As I visit various colleges with my children, I am also beginning to wonder if our college system is even equipped to convey the urgency of the crisis we face. Can our current system adequately help our young people develop the skills and expertise they will need to not only prepare themselves, but also to help us all in our time of climate change? Perhaps the film And then the Planet Changed might help us answer these questions too….

Please join us and share this Kickstarter campaign. Help make this part of your “Earth Month Challenge” and let’s get this film made!


Climate Mama

P.S. In case you were wondering, ClimateMama receives no financial benefit for promoting this film. Our personal gains, however, as we measure them, are enormous! Supporting Climate Mamas and Papas like Jessica, Beth and Jon is part of how we will and can create climate hope; and how we can and will help our children live a more sustainable future and now!

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