Oil Spills, Scientific Consensus, Spas and Endangered Species: It’s a wRAP, May 21, 2010

Did you know that May 21st, is Endangered Species Day? Have a conversation with the kids in your life about some of the species that are “endangered” in your area, and what you can do to help preserve or improve their habitat. Ask them their opinion as to why it img_3904is important that we protect these endangered species? My 10 year old daughter wants us to plant “milkweed” to help make the monarch butterfly’s cross continent journey a little easier! The monarch is one creature who, because of habitat encroachment, is becoming threatened. Sadly, the news in the Gulf continues to be concerning, as our addiction to fossil fuels is putting many species in danger, including our own!

In the News this week, we hear loud and clear, from an independent body representing the top climate scientists in the USA, that we need to plan so we can adapt to the changes that human caused global warming has set in motion. They are also calling for our government to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions. In Climate Mama News take a stroll with us to the American Southwest, where development and climate change are working together to exacerbate a 10 year drought.

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