The ClimateStore: Understanding the Impact of the Products you Buy

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 4.12.52 PMAt ClimateMama we regularly get “pitched” by companies and products that “say” they are promoting a green and sustainable lifestyle. We are very careful to only share with you information that we believe really showcases companies and products making an effort to “walk the walk” and really help us reduce our carbon footprint. One new company on the scene that recently came to our attention, and that we do want to share with you is ClimateStore, which had it’s official launch in May 2014.

The company’s mission is clear: “to address climate change by making it fun and easy for families to learn about climate change and to find energy efficient and sustainably made products that will help them reduce their carbon footprint.” We like that!

“With the recent release of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and U.S. National Climate Assessment, there can be no doubt that this is a critical issue for both current and future generations. More people are asking what they can do to reduce their carbon impact at home, school, and work.” We couldn’t agree more, and this is a quote straight from Steve Bushnell, the founder and CEO of ClimateStore. (Bet you thought we said it and yes, in different ways, we have..!)

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Photo credit: Shutterstock

According to ClimateStore they have designed their on line shopping site “to help visitors learn about climate science and its impacts, call people to action, assist them in setting up plans to reduce their carbon emissions, and provide products to help them achieve their reduction goals.” The company launched with about 250 carbon products, including energy efficient lighting, water saving devices, smart home technology, home décor, laundry items, travel gear, educational materials, and accessories.

Each product is evaluated to identify exactly how it reduces carbon emissions, including the production, use, and disposal phases of the product’s lifecycle. This classification is communicated with a simple icon system. We asked the ClimateStore to explain to us in more detail how they choose and rate their products. They got back to us with an answer right away.

We were told that they begin early on by gathering information from their suppliers during an initial interview – long before the buying process actually begins. Each potential supplier describes to the ClimateStore how their products are made and provides details on their supply chain. They also have the opportunity to provide information about any company initiatives they have regarding sustainability. Once a product is selected, then the ClimateStore helps the user (us) understand more about the product through a qualitative, icon system. A description of how each product earned its icons is listed in the “product description” tab on each product page.

We are excited to see the ClimateStore enter the consumer market place and we hope you will check them out. Father’s Day is coming up. Let us know what you think!


Climate Mama

PS. In case you are wondering, we received NO compensation for this post!

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