In the News: Furry Vengeance, Endangered Species and Habitat Preservation!

Courtesy of Participant Media

Courtesy of Participant Media

Our friends at Participant Media, which has produced such films as An Inconvenient Truth, The Cove, Food Inc, and Syriana to name a few, are releasing a new Film on April 30th that you are going to want to share with the kids in your life (and they will want to share with you!) Furry Vengeance is a live action family comedy in which an ambitious young real estate developer faces off with a band of angry animals when his new housing subdivision pushes too far into a pristine part of the wilderness. Led by an incredibly clever raccoon, the animals stymie the development and teach our hero about the environmental consequences of man’s encroachment on nature.

The Social Action Campaign for Furry Vengeance focuses on the importance of endangered species and habitat preservation, two issues greatly affected by global warming and climate change. A customized package including activities and materials has already been distributed to 15,000 schools around the US, and will reach 500,000 children to engage and educate future environmentalists. Spread the word and help us help Participant Media reach even more! The activities offer tools and opportunities for young people to explore the natural areas of their communities and develop skills and a deeper knowledge of habitat and animal protection issues. The package provides a wealth of information as well as some great activities to get kids outside and exploring the natural habitats around them.

We are pleased to share the Furry Vengeance Social Action Campaign with all our Climate Mamas and Papas! Enjoy learning more, have fun and share with the kids in your life; download the curriculum and family activity, enjoy. Also, FYI, if you are are a teacher looking for funding for a project on endangered species or habitat preservation, or a parent looking to help a teacher out, check out the following program by The program is open to public school teachers from all across America and enables them to post project requests, from pencils to microscopes, which you as parent can help fund. The project may be in your community or across the country, but if it sounds worthwhile and you are interested and able, give $1 or $100, you CHOOSE!

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