Write a letter, Save the world: Climate Heroes & Do something Wednesday

It’s Do Something Wednesday at ClimateMama, and we invite you to join us today and DO Something to help create a brighter future that advances climate solutions that will help us all!

valentines heartIn the NYC area, where I hail from, we are “hunkered down” because of a snow and ice storm. At home, with my children, we are taking pen and paper in hand and writing 3 Valentines Love letters:

1. To three very brave women, two of whom are also grandmothers, to thank them for being our climate heroes, for putting themselves on the line, for all of us (The MICAT 3);

2. To our elected officials asking them to be our climate heroes; and

3. To Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, to ask him to stand up for all our children, and be a RENEWABLE ENERGY champion.

Will you join us? (Please do, even if you don’t have a snow day!)

The Michigan Coalition Against TarSands (MICAT) Vicci Hamlin, Lisa Leggio, and Barbara Carter were found guilty on January 31st, charged with micatstrespassing and resisting and obstructing a police officer. Though not considered a flight risk, the three women were denied bail and are forced to remain in custody until sentencing on March 5, 2014, where they could face 2-3 years in jail.

Their July 2013 protest aimed to stop the expansion of a historically polluting Enbridge pipeline that would carry tar sands across the Great Lakes region. In 2010, a devastating tar sands spill contaminated the Kalamazoo River and surrounding community. It was the largest spill ever on U.S. Here is a link to how and where to write a letter to these three brave women. As well, we recommend you have a look at this great post from In Women We Trust that helps put this fight into perspective.

Write to Congressman Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader and/or one of your own elected officials: ask him/her to be “your climate hero” and take action on climate change. Here are 2 concrete ways they can take action on climate change in their capacity as a federally elected leader: A. Support a revenue neutral carbon tax, Citizens Climate Lobby can help you learn more; B. Support the EPA call for stronger regulations on new and existing power plants. Congressman Cantors Office, 303 Cannon HOB, Washington DC 20515. Find your Elected Officials contact here.

Photo credit; Shutterstock

Photo credit; Shutterstock

Write to Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon: remind him that “with great power, comes great responsibility.” Rex Tillerson, c/o Office of the Chairman, ExxonMobil Corporation, 5959 Las Colinas Blvd, Irving, Texas 75039

For more information on WHY, Mr. Tillerson and Mr. Cantor in particular, check out our “Valentines Love Letter Post.”

Send us pictures your kids at work and/or of your letters so we can share them with others in our ClimateMama network!


Climate Mama

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