I Don’t Want to Move to Mars: NYU Students on Climate Change

superhero kidflashAt ClimateMama, we regularly work with interns to help us with various tasks. We love learning from bright, engaging and motivated young people. We also enjoy giving them an opportunity to learn more about climate change and about how our network and community of Climate Mamas and Papas is consciously and intentionally striving to create a wonderful, positive and enriching future for us all. In 2013, we were lucky enough to have Michelle Aboodi work with us.

Michelle worked on and created a wide range of campaigns and programs for us, including: an Earth Day Challenge and a Climate Superheroes series!

As we start off 2014, we wanted to share this short video with you which Michelle wrote, produced and directed.

Michelle asks two key questions from some of her college friends at New York University:

1. Define Climate Change, and
2. What’s Your Vision for a future for the Environment?

Join as as we hear from Harrison, Graham, Sophie, Katherine, Johnny, Amrita, and Michelle, as they give us their views, thoughts and ideas (thanks y’all so much!)

We hope this video can be a conversation starter for you with the kids in YOUR life, whatever age they may be. Take some time and pose Michelle’s questions to them, or ask your own. And most important, Make sure you really LISTEN to their answers.

As the reality of climate change settles in, and as we live with climate change as part of our lives, what this means and how we define it get’s really personal. As we see, feel and experience climate change first hand, our vision for the future and the role we play in shaping it present many exciting personal opportunities and challenges. Let’s make 2014 all about taking them on! Tell us what you are going to to to tackle climate change this year at home, in your community, college, business and life!


Climate Mama

P.S. if you or someone you know is looking for an internship working on climate change education and solutions for this coming summer, e-mail us at info@climatemama.com, and put “summer intern” in the heading.

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