Energy Star, Energy Efficiency & Do 1 Thing to Save the Planet!

es_logoAs my father likes to tell me (and I tell my kids): “Back in the day, we went to the store, bought a 40, 60 or 100 watt light bulb, screwed it into the socket when we got home, and “presto” we had light!”

Today, sometimes I feel like I need to have a college degree in “light bulbs” when I go shopping; lumens, watts, Kelvin, what does it all mean? We are thrilled to feature Energy Star’s DO 1 THING CAMPAIGN, which offers weekly, energy saving tips. Guess what Week One is all about? Lighting Made Easy!

As busy parents we know that climate change is real, here and now, and will remain the biggest challenge we face in our lives. Our new job description includes, keeping our children safe as we live with climate change and working to create a livable future for them; a huge, often incomprehensible task. Energy Star, through it’s “Do 1 Thing Campaign” breaks things down for us into “bit size pieces” and helps make it easier for us to be part of the solution.

Let us know how your next trip to the lighting store goes! Share the info graphic and the “Do 1 Thing Campaign” with the kids in your life. Let them know you are working to help solve the climate crisis and create a future for them that remains “BRIGHT!” Thank you Energy Star, for helping empower us to take action in the fight against climate change!


Climate Mama

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