It’s a wRAP: March 26, 2010

Next week we wshutterstock_31456600ill have some new “updates” in our product and services database so stay tuned! As a “tease” have a look at Climate Mama News this week and check out some of our favorite new products for you and your home that we were introduced to at the NYC Go Green Expo! Our Video Peek of the Week brings you some incredible photos that will boggle your mind! Check out Chris Jordan’s work on “consumerism” in the USA.

Some interesting news tidbits this week on Climate Change to tell you about from around the world. The Associated Press reported on March 24th, that control of an island, disputed for over 30 years by India and Bangladesh, is in “dispute” no longer, as it has simply “disappeared! Sea level rise is the culprit in this case, burying the low lying island beneath the sea. Bangladesh,shutterstock_25218307 one of the countries around the world most threatened by sea level rise, has over 20 million citizens or 18% of its population at severe risk.  Many scientific studies point to a probable sea level rise of one meter or more, by mid to end of this century. Health care was the big issue debated and finally resolved by the US government this week. Stay tuned as climate change and the green jobs and energy bill takes “center stage” over the coming months in the USA.

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  1. Danny says:

    “How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic”

    Education is a good thing.

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