Radon Gas in Your Kitchen? Fracking & Climate Change, Connecting the Dots


“City and state leaders have failed to think through the consequences of promoting radon-laced natural gas, and they failed to heed clear warning signs that gas from Pennsylvania represents a major threat to the public health of New Yorkers,” said Albert Appleton, former commission of the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection and senior fellow at the Cooper Union Institute of Sustainable Design. Now Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg need to do what they should have done months ago—conduct adequate studies to assess all the risks to public health before proceeding further down the shale gas path.”
May 14th, 2013, Cooper Union New York

Oil and gas companies are pushing hard to expand the use of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas extraction to New York state, but citizen groups have been keeping this process at bay. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, has been specked out for over 100,000 well sites, with 5,000-7,000 wells already operating. A wide range of health hazards are coming to light related to water and air contamination and require much more careful scrutiny and study.

Our own Climate Mama, Harriet, is joining forces with Angela Monti Fox of The Mother’s Project and Natalie Cronin of Tinker Tree Play/Care to help educate New York City parents about the inherent dangers from extreme energy extraction and fracked gas including the potential for radon exposure and the real and present dangers we face from climate change. Let us help you Connect the Dots! (“Toxic Baby” Filmaker and mom Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, pictured here as well, was part of our first playdate!)

If you find yourself in New York City THIS SUNDAY, June 9th, join us at 10:30am at the Museum of Motherhood and LEARN MORE. Please share this with your friends. Space is limited, so register for this free event today!

At our Great Green Playdate For a Healthy Home, Natalie, a gifted early childhood educator, keeps the children delightfully engaged through stories, songs, and hands on artwork while teaching lessons in protecting the earth and each other. Parents engage with moms like Harriet and Angela who convey the importance of learning about what may happen in our kitchens as the city begins its program of converting apartment buildings to “natural gas.” Scientists tell us, depending on where the gas is coming from, it could be highly radioactive and filled with high levels of radon.

The real question for our policy makers is why are they focusing on (and supporting) the expansion of an oil and gas infrastructure with emphasis on shale gas, when energy from the sun, wind and water is waiting to be harnessed? We need to stand strong and demand a clean, renewable energy future if we hope to slow down climate change and ensure a livable future for our children!


Climate Mama

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