Eating with the Enviornment (and Climate) In Mind: Day 4


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On Earth Day, we launched our first Earth Day Challenge, a full week of “daily” challenges, that gets us thinking about what we eat, where it comes from and why we need to be mindful about many of the things we in the developed world often take for granted. Check in with ClimateMama each morning to see what the next day’s challenge will be. Remember to have a quick family meeting at breakfast or dinner to discuss the daily challenge and see what the kids in your life have to say about it.

What did the kids in your life think about “Meatless Monday” “Take Care of Yourself Tuesday” and “Water Wednesday?”

Today is: Try a New Recipe Thursday
You’re almost done with the work week; why not try something new? Our intern Michelle tells us that she “admires vegans because in a world that is slowly progressing toward abstaining from eating and using animal products, it is not always easy to get a salad over an omelet or a sandwich without meat.” Vegan food and markets are not yet nearly as accessible as mass produced meats and chickens. Refresh your memory and reread Monday’s challenge, where there were many reasons why veganism benefits the environment. Let your kids help you choose a menu for tonight’s meal, or make a plan for a weekend feast that uses new recipes. Share some of your ideas with us!

We are calling Friday: Foodie Friday
Plan for it and if you have time to stop by the grocery store today or tomorrow morning, pick up foods that are produced and supplied locally or within 500 miles of your home; if you aren’t sure ask the store clerk, grocer, butcher or baker. Maybe you know or have heard about a local restaurant that grows its own vegetables or prides itself in sourcing “locally.” If you don’t have time to grocery shop consider eating out at one of these special restaurants this weekend. More tomorrow on ideas and information about why the food that you eat impacts the air that we breath, our water and our climate!


Climate Mama

Eating with the Environment in Mind was developed by one of our interns Michelle Aboodi.

photo credit: Muffet via photopin cc

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