Climate Change Fun: Reality Drop & the REAL Price of Carbon


Climate change is real, its here, it’s happening now. Every day we are confronted by new proof from nature, new scientific studies and more anecdotal stories told by our friends and relatives about how our world is changing before our eyes. Allergies are worse, rain and snow are coming down in heavier downpours and drought continues to plague much of our country. But if you are like us, your neighbor, friend, brother or grandma may still insist on challenging you about the facts on climate change.

Grab the kids in your life and sit down with Al Gore, while he explains a cool new tool, Reality Drop, developed by our friends at The Climate Reality Project that you can use to help present the facts. Let Mr. Gore show you and your family how to spread the truth about the Climate Crisis and “destroy” denial. Reality Drop is also a game, so your kids can rack up points and “win” while we all win by facing denial head on and making sure that truth wins out!

While you’ve got their attention, help your kids (and your neighbor, friend, brother or grandma) understand what price we are all paying when we let polluters go “free” by not putting a “Price of Carbon!”…This short video narrated by Reggie Watts for the Climate Reality Project is fun, to the point, and easy to understand…

So do something today…help spread the truth about the climate crisis, beginning at home..


Climate Mama

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