Climate Change: The Facts, Al Gore & Climate Mama


At ClimateMama we owe our start, our inspiration, and a debt of gratitude to the Climate Reality Project it’s staff, leaders and it’s chairman Al Gore. Our own Climate Mama, Harriet was personally trained by Mr. Gore and the Climate Reality Project staff six years ago. This training was the beginning and impetus for the development and launch of our ClimateMama organization. Along the way there have been many wonderful surprises, great friendships and amazing programs and projects that Climate Reality has shared with us, and that we in turn have been able to share with you.

We want to tell you about some new and exciting developments that we think will make you smile, help you learn and give you real and simple ways to share more about the reality of the climate crisis, how we can all be part of the solution, AND have some fun along the way! (Because we believe that all should be able to enjoy our journey to change the world and make it a better place…)

1. Catch our own Climate Mama in an up close and personal Town Hall encounter with Al Gore. Harriet was invited to participate in SiriusXM’s “Town Hall with Al Gore” hosted by Ari Rabin-Havt—host of SiriusXM’s The Agenda, Senior Advisor to Media Matters and a leading voice in progressive politics—The Town Hall program with Al Gore, was recorded in New York City at the Sirrius XM studios. The program will air on various channels and at various times: 3/2 4 pm ET , Saturday 3/2 10 pm ET , Tuesday 3/5 5 pm ET , Tuesday 3/5 10 pm ET.

Find out how Mr. Gore answered Harriet’s question: Our community at ClimateMama is made up of many parents who are choosing to face reality head on and who are often very knowledgeable about the current and anticipated impacts of our changing climate. We recognize the path we are hurtling down. When we sit back and let ourselves put our arms around the big picture, the perils that our planet faces and which we and our families are headed towards, it often feels overwhelming. Knowing the uncertainties we face and the hard choices we will need to make in a very short time, how do you nurture yourself and what advice would you give others on how to build the inner strength needed to keep “fighting the fight” and believing in a hopeful path for our future?

Tell us what you think and what you do to nuture yourself and build inner strength as you find and fight for solutions to combat climate change?

2. Grab the kids in your life and check out the latest tool and fun program and game developed by Climate Reality called Reality Drops. Do you ever find yourself at a loss when confronted by a friend, colleague or stranger who questions your facts on the climate crisis and seems to have “contradictory” facts of their own? Not to worry, Drop some Reality on your friends and family today…!

Just like the tobacco companies in the ’50s, the fossil fuel industry has engaged in a well- funded and coordinated effort to mislead the public about the scientific reality of climate change,” said Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States, and Founder and Chairman of the Climate Reality Project. “Reality Drop provides an easy, intuitive way for people to arm themselves with the facts, educate their friends, family, and networks, and call on the media to report the truth.”

3. Take two minutes with the kids in your life and watch this short video that helps us understand why we should Put a Price on Carbon. There is a lot of talk about why we should be doing this and how that would help us solve the climate crisis, this helps put it all in perspective. We are allowing fossil fuel companies to use our atmosphere like a sewer, free of charge. This is hurting our economy, our health, our children, our future and our now!


Climate Mama

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