Great Video: 27 YEARS of Above Average World Temperatures!


What will it take for us to “wake up” and get with the program. Temperatures they are a changing, and they are going up, up and up!

“27 years” is a creative project that illustrates the warming of the planet. It is inspired by NOAA’s State of the Climate Global Analysis, released in November 2012.

The NOAA analysis shows that November marked the 333rd consecutive month with an above-average global temperature. That means the world has not experienced a cooler-than-average or average temperature month in 27 years. Grab the kids in your life and share this 30 Second Video with them. What has been happening over the past 27 years? One thing we know that hasn’t been happening is real work on climate change mitigation or adaptation. Where were you 27 years ago? Were you even born yet – were your kids? What do you think? A lot has happened in 27 years. What we need to happen NOW is real progress on climate change.

Please share..the time for debating is past. The time for action now.


Climate Mama

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