DO SOMETHING WEDNESDAYS: Parents Fighting “Goliath” 4 Clean Air and Their Children’s Future


We are excited to re-post this December 4, 2012 video and article from a Climate Mama “extraordinaire” Tanyette Colon, founder of Mother’s United for Sustainable Technologies (M.U.S.T); a powerful voice for parents and citizens from around the world who want a sustainable future. Among other things, M.U.S.T creates original video content to educate people on various issues and solutions and is a place where we are all welcome to contribute and help educate each other on areas we are concerned about: i.e. the environment, gmo’s, hydraulic fracturing, tar sands, sustainable solutions and issues that are impacting you personally.

M.U.S.T has been working closely for more then a year with the community of Minisink, New York to help “raise attention” as they “raise their voices” and put their bodies on the line to protect their children’s health, water and welfare from a proposed gas compression station that is being forced on the community. Watch, listen and learn as this M.U.S.T video shows us how the community is fighting back against “Goliath” and winning!

Whose Town? Our Town – Episode 3, Tanyette Colon

Over sixteen months ago, a chance meeting at a mall brought me to learn about the Minisink, New York battle to stop a 12000 HP gas compressor station from being placed in their community. Fast forward to this past April, I was on a call where community organizer and mother Pramilla Malick was educating moms on their situation. During that call I learned many 9/11 first responders, organic farmers and families called this area home. Something resonated with me that evening and out of the urgency to get their story to the general public Episode One: Throwing Stones at Goliath was born. The Millennium Compressor Station is currently being built in the middle of a residential/agriculture zone with 200 homes within a half mile of the site. We learned during our first episode and journey that Minisink is the projected hub for larger gas infrastructure coming into NY State.

In Episode 3, you will see the struggle of this community as they fight this Goliath project that when built will be a potential health threat to their community. FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) has a current tolling order and has not made a decision on a rehearing which is blocking the community from being able to take their case to a federal court. As a Mom, this story really hits home with me because in all reality Minisink could easily be my community tomorrow. This is their story…

You can say NO! Too. For the holidays, members of the Minisink community are asking people to send holiday cards to FERC with a simple message:

“Please issue a stay of construction and rehearing for the Minisink Community.”

Be sure to place docket number: CP11-515 in the holiday card greeting. All cards can be mailed to:

The Honorable Jon Wellinghoff
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20426

You can also send your comments via email with the docket number at:


To learn more and to donate to their cause please be sure to visit: STOP THE MINISINK COMPRESSOR STATION


Are you inspired? Join us and Do Something Today! Grab your kids and show them we each can make a difference. Watch the video with them and then suggest they make a holiday card on behalf of all the children of Minisink and send it to FERC today…Our voices and action do count…our officials do listen….together we are strong, and powerful…and as Tanyette reminds us, tomorrow this could be “your community or mine”…


Climate Mama

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