It’s a wRAP: February 19th, 2010 – Olympics 2010

All aboard the Olympic Express! Have you been taking in the Games this week? Are you watching your favorite athlete, or finding a new sport? Walking the streets of Vancouver, you can’t help but be filled with the Olympic spirit as you are surrounded by maple leafs, and everything red and white. Every Canadian is flags-gamessporting a patriotic outfit, and even if you aren’t Canadian, the red mittens are “the thing to have” as are Canadian shirts, hats and pins, as everyone embraces the spirit and warmth of the Olympics and Canadian culture. Check out In the News this week as we consider what happens to all the Olympic logos, banners and branding products once the games are gone. Our Video Peeks of the Week showcase many of the sustainable ideas and images that greet you as you walk down the streets of Vancouver.

Want to buy a souvenir, not only do you have to have a VISA card, but your gift comes to you in a recycled, reusable bag, no plastic bags here! Buying a drink at an Olympic Venue? Make sure to throw the cup in the proper garbage bin, as all cups and lids are compostable! Plastic bottle from an event, that go into a recycling bin will be made into sweaters, scarves or toques, for Vancouver eco-friendly-gamesresidents when the games are done. Did you catch the buzz about the ice cleaner that broke down during the speed skating? Notice I didn’t say Zamboni, that’s because a Zamboni uses gasoline and generates carbon emissions. The ice cleaners at the Games are electric, generating no CO2 emissions. The thought is there; maybe the execution has a few bumps. Enjoy the Games, and as you watch or participate, consider all that has been done to lower the carbon footprint of this incredible event! Go World!!

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  1. Danny says:

    The AGW Smoking Gun

    George Orwell was right

    “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”

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