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On November 14th-15th, 2012 more then 15 MILLION people tuned in to learn more about the Reality of Climate Change. From the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, floods in Pakistan, European heat wave, droughts in Africa, and fires in the western United States, 24 Hours of Reality traveled the world, talking to scientists, politicians, activists, first responders, teachers, mothers and children to hear and see first hand accounts about the impacts, facts, realities and urgency of the climate crisis. Our own Climate Mama, Harriet Shugarman was one of the “trusted messengers” representing moms – sharing her thoughts – about why and how we all need to take action on climate change.

If you missed “Hour 15” and Harriet’s panel, you can watch it here, now. Harriet’s discussion, “Trusted Messengers” begins around the 29 minute mark of the video. Other panelists included: Karen Ballard, American Nursing Association, Maggie Fox, CEO and President of the Climate Reality Project, Casey Caplowe, GOOD Magazine, Emily McKhann, The Motherhood and host Sam Champion, ABC Good Morning America.

Every hour of 24 Hours has important, interesting and thought provoking messages and discussions. Grab the kids in your life and peruse the schedule, watch an hour or just 5 minutes but take some time to discuss the realities of climate change with your family today. Take the Climate Reality Pledge.

Does your family have a climate change plan? Share it with other Climate Mamas and Papas. Together we CAN change the world and help chart a path away from dirty energy and dirty weather and towards a clean, renewable future. We need to make some hard choices and decisions today, but look into your children’s eyes and look to their future. Remember why action on Climate Change is SO important. Our actions today will shape the world our children will live grow up and grow old in…When they are your age, what will you tell them? Did you take action?


Climate Mama

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2 Responses to 24 Hours of Reality: Trusted Messengers, CLIMATEMAMA

  1. Ronnie says:

    Finally got around to watching the 15th hour. You rocked this, Harriet. BRAVO, and thanks for all you do to protect our kids and our precious planet!

    • Harriet says:

      momscleanairforceeconesting.comThanks Ronnie! We love what you are doing too at http://www.momscleanairforce to remind us about the connections between our health, clean air and climate change and the need for us to be advocates and speak out. As well, http://www.econesting.com gives us wonderful ideas about living well and living sustainably, while bringing issues of social consciousness up front and to our attention.

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