ClimateMama on 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report, Catch it Live


On November 15th, our Climate Mama, Harriet Shugarman, was part of the 24 Hours of Reality production. Here are a few screenshots of Harriet’s panel: Trusted Messengers on Climate Change, courtesy of Mary Hunt, In Women We Trust and Jerome Wagner. Thank you both for sending these shots in to us so quickly! We will be bringing you video clips of Harriet’s comments as they become available. Other panelists included: Karen Ballard, American Nursing Association, Maggie Fox, CEO and President of the Climate Reality Project, Casey Caplowe, GOOD Magazine, Emily McKhann, The Motherhood and host Sam Champion, ABC Good Morning America.

Credit: Jerome Wagner

Photo Credit: Mary Hunt

As a parent – and/or as someone’s child – we ask each of you to think about the following 3 ideas which Harriet reminded us of in her discussion on 24 Hours of Reality with other “trusted messengers on climate change:”

1. Tell the truth: Climate change is real, it is now, it is happening, there is NO debate.
2. Actions speak louder then words: Show your children, friends, family and peers, through actions you take at home, at work, in your community, each and every day – that you care about climate change.
3. Don’t be afraid: Climate change IS scary, and sometimes we just want to put our heads in the sand. We CAN’T do this. We need to demand that our leaders, political, spiritual, community, business and each of us accept the reality, and begin to take action so that we avert the worst of the consequences that we face from our actions. We need to do what we can, and tell our children that we are trying, for them and for us, to make a difference and change the crash course we are currently on. Together, we can take back the fear and replace it with collective strength, positive and thoughtful ACTIONS!

Tune in to the broadcast, sign the Climate Reality Pledge, and stay involved.

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