Frankenstorm: Calm Before the Storm, Climate Change in Action


As of 1pm on Saturday October 27th, the Governors of both New Jersey and New York had declared “States of Emergency” in anticipation of “Frankenstorm.” The emergency crews are preparing across the state and warning sirens are blaring in the background. As I write this post, we are all getting ready for whatever may come this way as powerful storms from west and east intensify and move towards each other. It is looking more and more likely that these storms will meet and converge on the eastern seaboard.

Stay tuned to ClimateMama as we give you real time updates from suburban, small town New Jersey, only 24 miles but a world away from mid-town Manhattan. The birds are still chirping and the leaves are still on the trees…two things that were lost just one year ago as the last Halloween Nor’easter blew threw this part of the country. The parking lots of at all the local supermarkets are full and there are no generators to be found in the local hardware stores. People are getting is the calm before the storm..

Here is a look down “my street” as we wait and see what the next few days will bring..scroll down the page for earlier posts as we confront Frankenstorm together…

Be safe, and let us know what’s happening in your neighborhood.


Climate Mama

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