Green Kid Crafts: Help it Grow, and Grow and Grow!


Many of you met our Climate Mama Penny Bauder, Founder of Green Kid Crafts a few months ago. Penny is amazing; an example of a mom

Photo used with permission: GKC Founder

being there for her kids, running a business and raising attention to climate change, all at the same time. (Makes us tired just watching!) Help us support Penny and the wonderful company she has founded, Green Kid Crafts, which as been selected by Green America as one of the finalists in the Green America People and Planet Awards. Join us and vote for Green Kid Crafts today. If you let Penny know you could even win a Green Kid Craft box.

I took a Green Craft Kid box with me on vacation this summer. I joined my brother and his family and we spent several weeks in the wilds of western Canada. We had kids of varying ages to entertain. Not a problem on sunny days, when we stay outside, playing in the sand and water

Photo used with Permission

all day, but on stormy days, living in tight quarters with 12 people, we were constantly looking for games, new crafts and new recipes to try! Internet access is spotty and we try to stay away, as best we can, from electronic toys.

I was curious how the Green Kid Crafts would go over with our kids, who ranged in age from 8-12. While the 12 year old won’t admit it, one of the crafts (the scrapbook) kept her and several of her cousins entertained for almost an hour and my 8 year old nephew loved the pirate project. From the packaging down to each of the inputs that goes into each craft, Penny has thought how best to remain mindful of our planet, and help our children play, learn and explore at the same time. Our kids decided the crafts we had would be “best enjoyed” by kids 6-10, but we found the older ones seemed to enjoy helping the younger ones just as much as the younger ones loved creating the projects with their older cousins! Check out the site.

As we acknowledge the realities of our changing climate and look to adapt to these changes, letting our children learn and play, but in a conscious way that shows them they can have fun and be mindful at the same time is extremely important. Helping our kids learn to utilize, create and enjoy items they find around them, make use of recycled materials, and build and imagine things that last and that they can use and come back to again and again, is critical for our future.


Climate Mama

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