It’s a wRAP – January 29th, 2010

It was an exciting and positive week here in the USA for climate change, as President Obama used his State of the Union address to reiterate the importance of addressing climate change issues from both the renewable energy and jobs creation fronts. Also, the US top negotiator for climate change, Todd Stern, formally notified the UN that the US will aim for a 17% greenhouse gas emissions reduction, as promised by President Obama at The Copenhagen Climate Talks in December. In our “Video Peek of the Week” we bring you a video from your children who are demanding action from our political leaders on climate change! Send it to the high school and college students in your lives, they will appreciate it if they haven’t seen it yet. In Climate Mama News we continue our look at the Vancouver Olympics with a discussion on what it means to be Carbon Neutral for an event like the Olympic Games. In the News this week, we look at “drastic measures” for dealing with climate change, if it turns out we are all too lazy or too stubborn to change our ways! Check back Monday, when we will  introduce you to our February “Climate Papa!”


Climate Mama

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