It’s a wRAP: January 22, 2010

It’s been a tough news week, with all the sad stories coming from Haiti. So, we thought we would offer you a “lighter” look at climate change events this week from around the world, and hopefully bring a smile to your face! In the News this week we take a look at how some Chinese citizens “took it all off” to raise attention to climate change issues. In Climate Mama News we continue our discussion on carbon offsets, as we prepare for our trip to the Winter Olympics, the first ever Carbon Neutral Games. Follow Climate Mama as we look at the scale and scope of this undertaking.

This week we are also introducing a new feature on our blog, the Climate Mama Video Peek of the WEEK. We hope you enjoy the “Fun Theory” as much as we do! Send us your suggestions and ideas!

Finally, we wanted to share with you a new author we were recently introduced to, Saci Lloyd. Ms. Lloyd is someone you might want to introduce to the teenagers in your life. According to a recent article in the UK’s Guardian, Ms. Lloyd could be Britain’s next J.K. Rowling! The main character in her first book, the Carbon Diaries 2015, release in 2009, is Laura Brown, a teenage rock star living in a world “gone wrong” from Climate Change. Ms. Lloyd’s sequel, The Carbon Diaries, 2017, will be released next month. Making news this week is Lloyd’s decision to turn down Johnny Depp’s production company in it’s bid for the film rights to her first book! Introduce your kids to The Carbon Diaries; they may even thank you for it.

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