The Clean Energy Race for the Future: EcoCAR 2 Year One Winner!


And the winner is….Mississippi State University! In case you missed our post a few weeks ago on the EcoCAR 2 challenge, and the Official announcement on May 24th about the Year 1 winners, grab those kids in your life (big and old) that LOVE cars, building, designing and all things that move, and join us as the winners of the first year of the 3 year EcoCAR 2 challenge are celebrated and announced!

Learn more about this special competition, which is a collaborative effort of government, industry and higher education.

David Danielson, US Department of Energy, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, reminded all of us that students like those who participate in the EcoCAR 2 challenge, are our future, and: “..[will] ensure the United States leads in the global auto industry, and create an American economy that’s built to last.” Mr. Danielson goes on to say that: “Competitions like EcoCAR 2 support the Administration’s all-of-the-above approach to energy by providing students with hands-on experience and training in fuel-efficient vehicle technologies that reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, protect our air and water, and save families and businesses money.”

We at ClimateMama applaud the direction and goals of the EcoCAR 2 challenge: improving energy efficiency in vehicles, while at the same time helping us all reduce our individual and collective carbon footprint by moving us away from our dependence on fossil fuels towards a clean, energy future!

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