In the News: “Taking it off in China” for Climate Change

The US and China are “neck and neck” as the world’s largest producers of man made greenhouse gases, both accounting for around 20% or the worlds total. (All right, for those of us who are “competitive” China may have recently passed us, but we still could catch up if we try hard!!) Earlier this week Chinese climate campaigners “bared” their flesh, down to their underwear, on the Guangzhou subway to raise awareness on climate change and sustainable consumption. Recent events on subways in New York and London, coordinated by the Improv Everywhere group have also caught media attention.

In the news this week it was also reported that China has now surpassed Japan and is the second largest economy in the world, nipping at the heels of the USA. With this surging economy also comes widespread evidence of environmental degradation and health concerns. Environmental awareness is growing in China, and we will be hearing and seeing more protests, as the government looks at how to address both growth and environmental concerns of it’s citizens.

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