Climate Mama wRAP – January 8, 2010

One week into 2010, have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Would you like to get more involved with citizen action groups on Climate Change but are not sure how to do it? Check out Climate Mama News this week for some links to sites that make it easy to get involved on Climate Change issues, as well as simple ways to contact your local, state, provincial or national government representatives. One of our resolutions this year at Climate Mama is to more actively engage our government representatives and to get their help in moving climate change legislation forward. Can something happen by Earth Day 2010? Lets see.

shutterstock_20439949Climate Mama would love YOUR help as we try to reach our goal with Energy Star of reducing carbon emissions by 356,000 lbs, or the equivalent of taking 30 cars off the road for a year. We are about 20% of the way to meeting our goal, THANK YOU!! Join our campaign by signing on to the Energy Star website and making a pledge on the Climate Mama page to reduce your carbon emissions. Make the pledge, and let Energy Star provide you with some excellent ideas on what you can do in your own home and business to reduce your carbon footprint, and your monthly energy bills!

shutterstock_25453192Many people, articles and websites use the term “carbon footprint” assuming you know exactly what it means. It’s a New Year and a good time to regroup and recap on some of these concepts and make sure we are all on the same page. Carbon footprint, ecological footprint, eco footprint, muddy footprint, what’s wrong with my footprint and why should I care? Statistics point to the fact that the average American and Canadian’s carbon footprint is 5 times as big as the average “world citizen’s.” What do these statistics really mean?

A person’s carbon footprint is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide a person uses annually, through everyday living, like heating your home, driving your car, flying on an airplane, the foods you eat and your lifestyle choices. There are a myriad of “calculators” available on the web whereby you simply plug in information about your life and the calculator comes up with a number equivalent to your carbon footprint. The average American produces approximately 20 tons of carbon dioxide in a year, the average world citizen 5 tons. Check out our trusted sources page for some reliable carbon calculators! Join us over the next month as we look at some ideas and organizations that help you reduce your footprint, or when your having trouble reducing it, suggest “offsets” to help you move in this direction. (Offsets can be a controversial topic for consideration, and contemplation…stay tuned!).

In The News this week, we bring you a “blast from the past”, a news clip from a 1958 film The Unchained Goddess. This movie was developed and directed by the famed director Frank Capra who’s movies include: It Happened One Night, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Arsenic and Old Lace, State of the Union, and It’s a Wonderful Life. If you are an “old movie buff” these movies might sound familiar! In The News this week points out that there often is no “new News” just news that comes around again, and again, and again….until maybe we do something to solve these news items and make them “old” news!

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