Climate Change Monitoring: How the Scientists Know our Climate is Changing!


Hey Climate Mamas and Papas, did you catch our “home slide show” of our visit to the top of the Mauna Loa volcano where we found out about C02 monitoring and climate science? We learned so much on this trip and we hope you did too.

Furthering our “education” (and yours) on climate change, grab the kids in your life and take 2 minutes to watch a Discovery Channel interview with a climate scientist from The Scripps Institute in San Diego. Dr. Keeling gives James Williams from the Discovery Channel a tour of his “lab” and helps all of us understand more about how some of the equipment he uses actually works! This equipment provides Dr. Keeling with data that shows him (and us) that WE humans are causing certain greenhouse gases in our atmosphere to increase. These “greenhouse gases” trap heat, causing our planet to “warm up” at an unnatural pace..something that is not healthy for us, our kids, or our planet!

By the way, this climate scientist, Ralph Keeling, is the son of another climate scientist Charles Keeling, who first set up the CO2 measuring data on the top of the Mauna Loa volcano. Interesting how parents can teach their kids ‘a thing or two…’


Climate Mama

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