Climate Change 2012: How Does Your Garden Grow?


Happy New Year from all of us at ClimateMama to all of you!

Looking forward to working and learning with all our Climate Mamas and Papas in 2012 as we adapt to our “new normal.”

This year, particularly in the USA where it is an election year, we all need to roll up our sleeves and ensure that our government representatives (at all levels) recognize and work with all of us to create adaptation and mitigation strategies to minimize the changes and the ensuing damages that we have brought to our environment and to put proper policies in place to fight climate change. Our children are demanding it and counting on us…

As the saying goes: “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Check out our photos and see how our “garden is growing” in Northern New Jersey on New Years Day, 2012. According to AccuWeather, the historical average temperature on January 1 in Climate Mama’s NJ town, is 39 F; AccuWeather Report for January 1, 2012, 53 F. Very few places in the US NorthEast had a “white Christmas” or New Year this holiday season. Let’s see what 2012 will bring. We are expecting to see more weird and extreme weather events….the new “normal.”

Up Come our Daffodils!

Bushes are blooming!

Flower Power

Sincerely Yours,

Climate Mama

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