Being Thankful: Climate Change Activism in the USA

On November 28th, countries from all over the world gather in Durban, South Africa for the next round of UN talks on Climate Change. Given the “divided” house in the USA, hope for wide ranging solutions at this time are low – however, progress at the margins and education on the reality of climate change are important messages that will come out of this event.

At the grassroots level here in the US there is much to cheer about and be thankful for! Consider sharing and discussing these “wins” with the kids in your life around the Thanksgiving table this year. Show your kids that there IS hope and that regular people have “power” to make change as we continue to fight and win ongoing battles in the war we are fighting against climate change – for their future and ours!

1. Tar Sands Action – Keystone XL Pipeline, postponed!
2. Fracking – Delaware River Basin Commission cancels its November 21st meeting due to pressure by environmental groups!
3. The vast majority of Americans do care about climate change and want our government to address it. See the latest national poll on this by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.

As scientific studies continue to tell us that human caused climate change is real and happening now, in large part due to our use of fossil fuels, we need to call our politicians on this, and demand that they stand up and be counted, as we work together to avert the worst impacts of climate change. Moving into the 2012 election cycle, they will listen, so we need to speak up. This is reality, make sure your politicians know you won’t be voting for them unless they take this issue as seriously as you do.

The oil and gas industry has spent close to $1 billion over the last 10 years convincing us we NEED oil and gas for energy security, jobs and the economy. Lets turn the paradigm upside down, where it should be, we NEED to stop our addiction to fossil fuels. We NEED our government to support the next “Marshall Plan” putting people to work building windmills, solar farms, and other renewable resources, transmission lines and sustainable investments in our future. We NEED to move beyond fossil fuels to a clean energy future for our children and ourselves.

We at ClimateMama are thankful for you, our community, and to all of those working at the grassroots level to lift the veil, choose reality and together support a better, cleaner, more sustainable world for us all!


Climate Mama

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