Tar Sands Action Rally and Circle the White House: Home Movie

For those of you who were “there in spirit” but couldn’t be with us in person, some “home movies” from the action. It was an incredible day filled with hope and promise. Bill McKibben told us the night before to get ready to either “give President Obama a big hug, or to put him under house arrest!” I am going with the “Big Hug” as the day was filled with joy and happiness, deserving of a HUG.

The more than 12,000 people, young and old who were able to be in Washington on November 6th at the Tar Sands Action Rally and Circle The White House Event were “showered with sunshine” from Mother Nature and strong feelings of hopefulness from each other. We all hope that President Obama is paying attention, listening and seeking the truth on this pipeline and what it will and won’t accomplish. For some information and some “demystifying” of the facts, check out the National Wildlife Federation’s “Top 10 Myths Vs. Facts About Keystone XL!”

I love Naomi Klein’s analogy on stopping the pipeline: “What we are doing is giving the Tar Sands a big Heart Attack, as we cut off it’s arteries, one by one!” So glad to be a part of the “action” and to have the opportunity to share it with my children. Grab the kids in your life and ask them what they think about the protests, the tar sands, and our move towards a clean and renewable future. Young children or old, they will have an opinion I am sure!

While you are at it, call the White House Comment Line with your kids at 202 456 1111 and tell our President to join the “hug” and say NO to the Keystone XL Pipeline!


Climate Mama

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