Keeping the Lights On: Where Does My Electricity Come From?

As a busy parent, where and how I get the energy that heats and cools my home and “keeps the lights” on, my TV working and my kids Xbox and cell phones charged isn’t really on my radar, and I imagine it isn’t high on yours. As long as that stuff “works,” (living in the Canada and the USA, I guess I have always taken it for granted that it would) that is all that has really ever mattered to me in my very hectic, day to day life of work, family and home.

Suncor Plant: Tar Sands Alberta 2011

This fact, however is at the very root of the Climate Change crisis, and until we all ask and consider this question on a daily basis, fossil fuels, the primary cause of man made greenhouse gas pollution and the #1 contributor to climate change are going to “keep on flowing, ” polluting our air and our atmosphere. It will become harder and harder to put the breaks on the environmental crisis we face and the crash course with our environment that we are barreling towards. In case you missed our first post on the subject, Climate Mama recently took a trip to the Alberta Tar Sands, the second largest oil reserves in the world, which is a flash point and “line in the sand” for many environmentalists. Join us over the coming weeks as we take a look at the Tar Sands…Facts, Future and Implications. Find out how we “got there” and check out our “Tar Sands Facts” for a quick primer.

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