T’is the season for “green” football stadiums, rental christmas trees, and climate change politics – It’s a wRAP, December 10, 2010

The NFL season is reaching a frenzy, as playoff spots are being determined. Are you a football fan, are the kids in your life? Share this bit of “stadium” trivia with them, let them know you are in the Pro-Football eco-KNOW! This past November, the “lights when out” on the New York Giants at the New Meadowlands Stadium for a few long “seconds.” Fans and players alike scrambled, not understanding, but later were told it was an “electrical grid” problem, out of management’s “control!”

This is something that won’t ever happen to The Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giant’s division rivals, who will be going “off the grid” in 2011. As a result of “renewable energy” improvements, the Eagles plan on saving $20 million on energy costs over the next 20 years. Improvements include, installing solar panels, wind turbines as well as an alternative-fuels power plant.

A few quick “Christmas tree” trivia facts for you to share at the office party or around the dinner table this holiday season. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, there are 25-30 million Christmas trees sold in the US every year, grown by over 15,000 official “Christmas tree farmers.” In Los Angeles, you can “rent a tree,” a locally grown living tree that is, delivered direct to your door, and then picked up after the holidays. You can even reserve the same tree, year after year, and watch it grow. At a shopping mall in Santa Monica, CA a Christmas tree symbol of our commercialism is on view. 86 shopping carts, piled high, make up this ornamental tree.

On the Q’T..Did you know that there are international talks on Climate Change, taking place “as we speak” in Cancun, Mexico? They wRAP up on December 10th, and have been going on since November 29th. Unfortunately, political gridlock in Washington affects the ability to accomplish much of anything in Cancun, so while there is no “grand” agreement expected, success at the margins is palatable, including an agreement on clean technology transfers and funding for developing countries climate change adaptation programs. If you are interested in a wRAP up, tune in next week for more details on the results of Cancun, here at Climate Mama.

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