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Cyber Monday, Black Friday, doesn’t matter what you call it these words have become rallying “cries” for us to rush to the stores, or to our computers and buy! “Rev up your shopping engines” and start your holiday shopping now; get in on the good deals before they are gone. T’is the season and while no one wants to be known as scrooge, especially during the holidays, maybe we should stop for a moment and think about how to make our gifts more meaningful, and maybe last a little longer. As we try to be “conscientious” consumers, consider “green-gift-Monday” this year, a day created by the Nature Conservancy. If you are out “shopping on line” anyway, why not give it a try!

If we can find a way to be both more meaningful and more responsible in our gift giving, and if you are like us, and like to do it from the comfort of your home – saving gas, time and energy and well as your sanity, by avoiding the malls – why not give “green-gift-Monday” a try?! If you are giving gifts this holiday season, consider a truly “green” gift this year, and check out some of the ideas that the Nature Conservancy has to share.

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