Potato Peelings, healthy living, Starbucks Coffee and Vampire Slayers, It’s a wRAP, October 22, 2010

In honor of Halloween, impress your kids this month by becoming a Vampire Slayer! Visit our friends at Repower at Home and find out how you can join the Hunt, recruit friends and get some cool Halloween decorations at the same time. Join the ClimateMama Team at Repower at Home  help us be master Vampire Slayers!

Frequented any NYC Starbucks recently? Did you know that New York City is a Starbucks “test case” for recycling and if successful, it could mean that 3 billion cups (yes that is approximately how many cups were used at Starbucks last year)…could be recycled instead of ending up in a garbage dump or landfill somewhere. The pilot program is running trough mid-November.Be part of the solution, recycle!

Heard the one about the Sun Chip bag that made to much noise? According to the 40,000 or so Sun Chip Facebook fans, the noise “bothered them” so Pepsico listened and stopped producing them. Fake Plastic Fish did a great post on this as part of our most recent Green Moms Carnival. However, if you are disturbed, don’t be. Pepsico may have another compostable idea on the way …A division of Pepsico, Walkers, which makes “crisps” (or chips if you aren’t British), is looking at ways to turn waste potato skins into packaging! One step forward two steps back, or would you say that now we are even?

In the News this week we have a post from a quest blogger, Wood Turner, Executive Director of Climate Counts. Wood shows us how trying to find the right foods to feed are family is a bit like finding the right response to climate change. Read on to find out why.

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