Green Moms Carnival, 10/10/10 Global Work Party, Solar White House, Halloween, – It’s a wRAP, October 8, 2010

What are you doing on 10/10/10? Join the Global Work Party! Over 7000 events in 188 countries are already planned. Million’s of people around the world are showing our politicians that we are GETTING to WORK on climate change, even if they aren’t. So join this day of action and get involved! To find an event near you, go to the website, put in your zip code, and see what is happening in your area. FYI, don’t feel “out of the loop” if you don’t know much (or anything!) about – the campaign has only been around a few years and was started by some incredible college kids. What’s amazing, is how fast news about this organization is spreading. The 10/10/10 campaign IS for everyone though, young and old! So even if you aren’t in the college “demographic” is still for you AND for the kids in your life. 10/10/10 is an international campaign that’s building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis–the solutions that science and justice demand. The main goal of the movement is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis—to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet.

At Climate Mama, we are thrilled and honored to host this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival, in support of the Global Work Party. This month, the Carnival brings together “Green” bloggers who are uniting to raise and use their collective voices to support the ideals and mission of Check back with Climate Mama on Sunday for a summary and direct links to all the contributors to the Green Mom’s Carnival! While you are at it, check out what one of our Climate Papa’s, Jon Isham, has to say on how scientist James Hanson and have given hope to millions of people around the world that a solution to climate change is possible and not out of reach – even if our politicians seem “stuck” regular people are not!

News Flash from the White House, Solar is back!! After a 30 year absence, the Private Residence at the White House will be going solar this spring! Kudos to you President Obama. Other news this week on Presidents and Solar – on October 6th, President Nasheed of the Maldives,  put solar panels on his residence, in support of the efforts. The Maldives, a low lying country in the Indian Ocean, is under significant threat from climate change. The entire country is less than one meter above sea level, and rising seas due to global warming are already causing dislocation and flooding in this country. Also, on a State level, the Governor Quinn of Illinois will be putting solar panels on his official residence this Sunday in support of 10/10/10 and has challenged other US Governors to do the same!

Check out our Video Peek of the Week and see how melting polar ice is causing tens of thousands of walruses to congregate on barrier islands in Alaska. Watch this National Geographic Video with the kids in your life! In late September, Walruses came ashore by the TENS OF THOUSANDS in Alaska, as their natural habitat, sea ice disappeared over the Arctic summer months. According to the US Geological Survey, 2010 is year number 3, re- the smallest extent of summer ice in the Arctic. As our poles warm due to global warming, our ice sheets at the top of the world are quickly disappearing. Many animals that rely on this ice, not just the polar bear, are threatened by the disappearance of these ice sheets.

In the lead up to Halloween, consider a “greener” day for you and for the kids in your life. All over the US people are holding “costume swaps” to recycle costumes and get “new” ones. National Costume Swap Day is October 9th, so find a swap near you . Also, E-Bay has gotten into the Halloween costume recycling idea too. Become an E-Bay Green Team member, and check out what they have in stock.

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    US physics professor: ‘Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life’

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