Mothers Day: Message to Mother Earth

On Mother’s Day, we want to send a big shout out and sincere thank you to OUR Mother, Mother Earth, for the amazing, inspirational and extraordinary world she has created for us. We also want to send a heartfelt thanks to all our Climate Mamas who are watching, speaking truth to power and sharing stories as they unfold, as we all bear witness to climate change.

On the occasion of my wedding, one of my dearest friends traveled a long, long way so she could be with us. She told me: “I am here to be your witness to this milestone moment in your life.” My friend was also with me at the birth of both of my children; again to bear witness to these special moments in my life. We are all bearing witness to what is happening to OUR Mother;  our eyes are wide open, in spite of the harsh and painful glare.

As Climate Mamas we are watching, sharing our stories and bearing witness to climate change around us. Our Mother Earth is screaming in so many, many ways, crying out for us to see what is happening to her, even  as she works overtime to counter act what we are doing to harm her.

We are living the Anthropocene, the epoch that is the age of man. Humans are the primary forcing agents on our planet. We are more powerful than volcanos and the sun; we – primarily through the burning of fossil fuels – can and are changing the ecosystem and web of life which has been so carefully crafted by our Mother Earth.

These changes to our planet are already threatening us, and undermining a safe future for our children. We are living climate change. While many people seem frozen, unable to accept the reality we face, we know that our Climate Mamas are doing just the opposite, jumping in with both feet.

On this Mother’s Day we wish for each of our Climate Mamas time to be with OUR mother, Mother Earth. Go for a walk or a hike. Put your toes in the ocean or in a stream. Lie down in the sand or in tall grasses; feel and see Mother Earth. She can and will regenerate quickly; if we would only give her the chance.

Happy Mothers Day with love,


Climate Mama

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